At Cars 4 Less we aim to make buying a car with us as easy and stress free as possible. That is why for that added peace of mind we have linked up with the UK's leading car warranty company Warrantywise.

  • Platinum Plus

    Up to 4 years old and 40,0000 miles

    We also include the following additions;

    Air Bag System, Air Conditioning, Emissions, Labour Rates, MOT Failure, Multi Media

    All Mechanical and All Electrical Parts of your Vehicle included

Special Offer:
Only £295 for 1 years cover on all eligible cars


Quality Warranties From WarrantyWise

Founded over 10 years ago, Warrantywise is the UK's leading car warranty service and maintenance plan specialist. We provide comprehensive extended vehicle warranties for all makes and models of vehicle to both private individuals as well as to the country's largest franchised and independent dealer groups. Warrantywise is a private family firm with a strong capital base and the senior partners are Fellows of the Motor Industry, having operated successful businesses in the UK motor industry for over 30 years. Warrantywise was founded on the principles of 'honesty' and 'integrity' and Quentin Willson has been instrumental in delivering these principles alongside Warrantywise since joining the team in 2008.

What is an Extended Car Warranty?

When your car was new it probably came with a warranty supplied by the manufacturer. Typically this will cover you for 3 years or 60,000 miles after the date of manufacture against defects that may cause your car to malfunction. The manufacturer will then replace or repair the vehicle at no cost to yourself.

After the manufacturer's warranty expires you can choose to extend the warranty cover on your vehicle with an Extended Car Warranty. The Warrantywise Extended Car Warranty is designed to offer similar protection to that which your manufacturer supplied when your car was new, so in effect you are extending your protection against Mechanical or Electrical breakdown and covering your liability if your car goes wrong.

Is Every Extended Car Warranty the Same?

Unfortunately no. Many companies offer extended car warranties but the difference in cover between the plans available varies significantly.

Some warranty plans available in the market only cover you for a set list of items on your car, when you bear in mind that there are over 5,000 parts in a typical car, a list of 150 items is not comprehensive at all.

Who pays the repairs?

A lot of warranty companies are simply selling someone else's plan and taking a commission. Not only does this increase the cost of the plan, but the repairs are likely to be paid out by a 3rd party. Warranty companies that administer their own repairs are more likely to want to keep you happy and prove to be more reliable and speedy when processing and paying out repairs.

Warrantywise administer all their own repairs and when you call our repairs department you will get through to one of our dedicated repairs handlers based in the UK.

Why do I need a Car Warranty?

Every year over 1,000,000 cars are left unprotected when their manufacturer's warranty expires. Such vehicles have the potential to cost their owners millions of pounds in repair bills during the vehicle's fourth year and beyond. Modern vehicles can cost a small fortune to fix if they go wrong and with some main dealers now charging up to £200 per hour the labour charges alone can be crippling. Your car is most likely the 2nd largest investment you'll make in your life, so why leave it without mechanical breakdown protection? Take out a warranty with Warrantywise and we will give you complete protection if your car breaks down. No other warranty company covers more of your vehicle and all our warranties include Recovery (underwritten by the AA), Car Hire, Hotel and Travel expenses as standard.

Warranty Wise

A message from Quentin

"I believe that a Warrantywise warranty gives you the highest level of cover available anywhere in the UK. I've spent the last four years personally refining, tweaking and polishing this warranty to make sure that it offers the highest level of service and protection possible. I'm so confident that Warrantywise is the market leader, that unlike some other warranty companies, I'm prepared to say in writing that I reckon its now the best warranty cover that money can buy. I hope that you won't need us and that your motor runs sweetly for years, but if it doesn't, rest assured the Warrantywise team is here to help you if things do ever go wrong."